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Welford House (GBBO)
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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Mark’s book review of A Peculiar Glory by John Piper

Want to lose some calories? Read this. This is quite a work out. John Piper is in a hurry. Since handing over the leadership of Bethlehem Baptist Church he is writing a lot. This is Volume 1, as it turns out – a rich, Bible filled, full-on Piper classic about the Glory of God in the scriptures. This is not an easy read, some pages and chapters require concentration and mental hard work. “Rigorous Biblical scholarship” and good theology are important to Piper.
At times I wondered who the book is written for. It feels like part autobiography, part seminary lecture, part spinning class. If you like John Calvin and Johnathan Edwards you will like this book – Piper quotes them a lot. Piper is also keen that the reader can satisfactorily understand and answer this question: How can you know for sure that The Bible is the reliable Word of God? After reading this book you will feel more confident about the scriptures, pumped even. Your theological biceps will bulge.
Piper’s passion for The Bible and discovering the glory of God therein is what it is all about. This book does make you want to read The Bible. It also makes you want to worship God. Piper’s chapter on The Glory of God as the Scope of the World and the Word is stunning despite the less than catchy chapter title.
So if you are feeling theologically and mentally flabby, read A Peculiar Glory. It will leave you exhausted, well-toned and glowing.

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