Welford House (GBBO)

Welford House (GBBO)
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Monday, 20 June 2016

Mark's review of the Reading Outpouring

You may have seen the Christian press, Facebook or Twitter about the Reading Outpouring - an unu sual visitation of the Holy Spirit in Reading UK. A gang of us went from Newbury to have a look and learn. The evening "soaking" meetings are relaxed, understated worship times. No hype, no exaggerated or unsubstantiated claims; prayer for people; short teaching from Yinka (the pastor of The Gate - where it began) and more worship. Yinka is a warm, humble, godly man, taken by surprise by the scale of blessing and the number of people now coming to Reading. He held up 1632 response cards from the last 3 weeks but also says he does not know how serious they all are. An atmosphere of faith with healthy reality. The presence of God is very real and the anointing upon Yinka clear. The easy flow between him and his team is powerful."You were made for the presence of God", he says; "Jesus wants His church to put her shoes on again", says a very prophetic woman.
The contentious bit is the very prescriptive evangelistic script used on the streets. What is clear however, is that is that it is not just about the script but taking the presence of God everywhere. 400 people have so far been trained and encouraged in sharing their faith and praying for people. Yinka has a very generous spirit. He is keen to gather churches. To give it away.
The daily meetings come to an end this week for consolidation, follow up and rest; after that every Friday and Saturday will be the rythm - Friday training and soaking, Saturday taking it to the streets. It really is remarkable.There is time to go and see for yourself.

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Sean Larkin said...

Thanks Mark very helpful & encouraging.