Poignant and powerful

Poignant and powerful
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Friday, 29 June 2012

Guard of honour at Simon and Tam's wedding...

Friday was Simon and Tam's wedding. It was a fabulous affair, quite glamourous actually, held in the Tithe Barn grounds and gardens, Petersfield. A gang of us from The Beacon were involved in the day and in preparations. Simon & Tam looked stunning. One of the notable features of the day was a descreet but highly efficient Wedding Planner - Marie. Another notable and unique feature was the Guard of Honour with drawn swords provided by Paras, Marines, Riflemen and the Cavalry (Simon is a Royal Marine). I wasn't sure whether to feel scared or safe with so many drawn swords around! A bit like walking with God - scared or safe...?
There is nothing like a good wedding.

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Isabella Weddings said...

Thank you so much Mark for this wonderful comment, It was a real pleasure to meet you and see you in action at Tam and Simon's fabulous wedding, I very much enjoyed the day - especially the guard of honour! I hope you are all keeping well, All the best
Marie - Isabella Weddings