Welford House (GBBO)

Welford House (GBBO)
Snowdrop Walk

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Learning leadership lessons from another church...

I have been helping another church work through some issues. I have been going once a week and have found the process challenging and informative, shaping even. Some of the lessons I have learnt include:
i) Not being afraid to call for help. That is part of the basis for relational apostolic ministry.
ii) Being open to one another. I have been impressed by the manner in which the leaders and members have conducted themselves with honour and integrity whilst being very open with each other.
iii) Looking to the Lord. Both the leaders and the church have been excellent at submitting to the Lord and drawing close to Him during a challenging time. Worship and prayer has remained a priority and God has poured out His grace.
iv) The need for clarity even when making tough calls. Leading churches does not mean fudging issues.
v) Be clear about expectations early on and communicate those clearly in leadership and to the church\organisation. Job descriptions and vision statements can help.
vi) Deep roots in God sustain us when difficulties come.
I have been impressed with the faithfulness of the people, drawing from deep wells.
vii) Friendships in the church are a strong glue. Even when things are tough personally, relationally, at work or in church life, godly friendship strengthens and encourage us.
viii) Jesus is building His church. It is His church, His people, He is at work.

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