Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Joining the Zani fan club

I was so impressed on Sunday by the Zani's. Rachel & Attilio Zani are a couple in the church who arranged a birthday for their twin girls, a Dedication Service (as opposed to a Christening - a Dedication is where the children are dedicated to God in the hope that they will make their own choice for Him at a later date) They invited 70 people for lunch at The Beacon Centre. Quite a feat.
The feedback from the guests has been very interesting including:

- "How people who did not even know us helped with our children
- Not what we expected of coming to a church at all!
- Wow you have a professional band playing (are those guys Christians too?)
- Everyone really cares a lot!
- I can see why you come here..."

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