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Newbury clock tower
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Friday, 13 February 2009

Leadership Changes and Challenges

On Sunday 8th February I had the privilege of being at Harvest Church Alton (part of the Newfrontiers family) for the appointing of new leaders. The occasion also marked the handover of leadership of the church from Olaf Fogwill to Simon Corlett. Olaf literally handed a baton over to Simon in a moving and powerful demonstration of the change of leadership. Olaf has served the church excellently for 10 years.

This Sunday (15th Feb) I am going with my family to Grace Church Caversham for the appointing of a new leader to join the Team there.

Growing churches need to grow leaders. I am so grateful for more than 50 leaders who serve faithfully every week at The Beacon in various ministries. The challenge to us all, whatever our sphere of ministry, is to be training and equipping others – even to replace us.

We are also facing this challenge as we continue our search for additional staff and additional office and ministry space – should the building come down in the summer. We think we may have found an exciting solution to the office dilemma this week courtesy of a dear Roman Catholic brother.


christina mckenzie said...

What an exciting time for all these churches and how privileged are we that we have such a quality mentor and leader in you Mark?

Ed Swindle said...

It's good to know that the spirit is working in peoples lives to call them to lead. The challenges of leadership are not to be taken lightly and we must pray that these leaders, who have been called by God, will get all the help and encouragement they need to equip them to do God's work.

Grace and Peace!

Ed Swindle said...
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