Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Together at... Butlins!

Together at Butlins 2009

Butlins by the sea in January ..... I wonder what image comes to mind? A cold, grey windswept, inhospitable wasteland perhaps? Far from it! Butlins was great. It was great to be there as a church and great to be there as part of the Newfrontiers family. With so much to do for the children it was a hit with families.

The place was full with 3,600 booked in. The Butlins staff were very helpful. The worship was very good. We especially enjoyed our own Beacon band and Roey and the Team did an excellent job leading 9-11s.

I think the highlight for me was Terry Virgo on the Saturday evening speaking from Jonah chapter 1. He managed to pull so many helpful points from the story of Jonah attempting to run away from God's call upon his life: don't run from God, don't leave his presence, don't let circumstance dictate how you live etc.

We have already booked a w\e with Butlins for next year so make a point of being there. Butlins by the sea in January with lots of friends is a must!

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Ed Swindle said...

Good to hear that Butlins went so well and for all the right reasons.

Peace and Grace (he said, encouragingly!)