Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Friday, 16 January 2009

Week of Prayer January 2009

A Year of Change, a Year of Challenge

As ever with Weeks of Prayer I found it a good time not just to pray about some things but to hear God. I thought the week got off to a flying start with Carol Marlow’s magnificent word on Sunday morning about

“a year to stand out …”

The recurring themes of “stay close to me…remain in like me…submit to me…take my yoke...” are great encouragements for us to develop our intimacy with God both now and throughout the year.

Praying through some specific topics has helped bring focus to those areas (buildings, resources, nations, the year ahead, mission…) and more besides. I have found praying about leadership and staffing particularly challenging and whilst I am not sure yet about the next staff appointment for the church I am confident that this year will see major change in The Beacon staff.

The final prayer meeting of the WoP was equally inspiring with Nigel's prophetic word about: "no limits, no ceilings and breakthrough ...".
Peter Caddick's word rounded the week off sharply. He felt God was speaking to us about " ...The Beacon light burning brighter, with longer range, more intensity, greater warmth ..."

So by Finishing the week by seeking God for more of the Holy Spirit for ourselves was a good way to conclude. We need to be full to overflowing if we are to fulfil the word “a year to stand out”.

What a great week! Let's stay filled with the Holy Spirit.

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