Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Friday, 16 January 2009

New Year for New Frontiers Region

The New Year is always a good time to reflect and to look forward. This January is no exception. We can thank God again for His faithfulness to us as a family of churches over the year and for the countless thousands who have been blessed by Together on a Mission at Brighton, Mobilise, New Day, our own Carroty Wood and the special time we had Together for the Nations in July here in Camberley.

We can also be expectant and prayerful about some of the challenges and changes in the coming year with Olaf’s changing role at Alton and Simon stepping up to leadership there; Sean Green staying in Reading (hooray!); Ian MacDonald leaving Fleet for Ghana; a growing Small Group meeting in Basingstoke; a new church plant into Istanbul, 2 existing churches in the region exploring what it means to be part of the Newfrontiers family; elders being appointed in Caversham, Addlestone and Alton shortly, plus of course: Together Butlins.

Butlins 09 is already fully booked but discussions are already gathering pace about 2 Butlins weekends in ’10. I will let you know and make sure you book in early!

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