Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Passion Compassion Mission

Passion Compassion MISSION

Whilst on sabbatical in New Zealand I was very struck by Guy Kawasaki’s comment (former board member of Apple) that you should be able to sum up your organisation in 3 words. I immediately knew what those 3 words were for us at The Beacon: Passion Compassion Mission. Whilst we have been explicit about Passion and Compassion we have not been so explicit about our Mission.

If you would like to know more about what this means you can download this message from The Beacon web site (Sunday 4th Jan 09). You can also hear Peter Wharrad’s outstanding message from Isaiah 58 (Sun 11th Jan 09) which was a seminal word for us as a church and paves the way forward for us together through 2009 and into 2010.

In response to Peter’s word and how we feel God is leading us we will endeavour to be come more involved in Community Mission – various social action projects. The co-ordination of these projects will, I hope, become part of the brief for the new Assistant Pastor.


David A Nickson said...

Hi Mark, it's exciting when God speaks so clearly. A universal principle of leadership is not only to identify what to start doing but also what to stop doing. I am excited to hear what our social action plan looks like - - perhaps you could blog on this next time around? But, at the same time what are we going to stop doing in order free up time for this? If God is putting his finger on a new area of focus, where do you sense he is taking it away from? Can you describe how differently you think the Beacon should be 12 months down the line? What will we be spending our time doing, what will our weeks look like, what will Sunday mornings be like? Can you help ground this practically so we can understand what this means for us.

snuel said...

Dear Mark, we love the photo! Is it yours or did you get it somewhere else? We'd like to use it as display for our annual Missions Conference. Do you think you could email it in high resolution?
Thanks, Joachim from OMF Germany