Welford House (GBBO)

Welford House (GBBO)
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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Why it's good that Leicester City won the Premiership

Who would have believed it? Leicester City have won the English Premier League. Odds of 5,000-1 were given at the start of the season (similar odds that Prince Harry would marry Katie Price or that the Pope would play for Celtic). It is a great story, good for football and good for sport. Why is it such good news? It is good that the underdog has won; it is good that the rich clubs (where top players earn £300k a week - 10 times more than Jamie Vardy of Leicester) have been beaten - the entire Leicester team cost less that Christian Benteke of Liverpool (£31m as opposed to £32m); it is good for English football - the Leicester team has more English players than their rivals; it is good because hard work and team spirit have beaten the flashy, expensive opponents; it is good because the pundits have been proved wrong and humbled, everyone is surprised and delighted (except Tottenham fans); it is good because a quiet, unassuming, softly spoken, gracious manager, in Claudio Ranieri, has done it against all the odds. Humility wins.

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