Welford House (GBBO)

Welford House (GBBO)
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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Diary of a Church Planter - when the numbers go up and down.

I still can't quite understand it. One week we had 80 on a Sunday morning, the next Sunday we had 50 - and it is not the school holidays. Was my preaching that bad? Did they all choose the same w\e in September to go away? What happened...?
The fluctuations of church plant attendance can be the stuff of mournful Sunday afternoons, introspection and a gnawing sense of failure. Sometimes there just doesn't seem to be a reason why we have a dip. At such times, we have a reality check, we tell a friend, we pick ourselves up, dust down, pick up The Bible again, kneel down once more and remind ourselves Who it is for and Who is in charge...

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kitesabbeymum said...

There is no rhyme or reason for it. The heart of the church is strong but there will always be visitors or those who come to taste, find it isn't their style and go again. It's just more evident in a small church.
I don't like the thought of melancholy Sunday afternoons, come and dig us out of our armchairs for a bracing woodland walk.