Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Monday, 2 April 2012

Stunned by the Gift Day on Sunday

I am happy to be wrong in this instance. I am happy to be accused of lack of faith. I was praying for and thinking we might raise £100k over 2 Gift Days - April and October 2012. I thought if we did that for 3 years we would pay off the remaining £300k loans on the building.
I admit it - I was praying for £50k on Sunday for the Gift Day. Instead the offering was a stunning.£94,770.
I am amazed and thankful. Amazed at the amount and thankful to God for the generosity of the People of God. This means of course that we could pay off the loans quicker if the level of giving is sustained.
I am humbled too, knowing that this amount represents real sacrifice for many individuals and families in already challenging economic times. Investing in the Kingdom of God however is a step of faith which reaps a different kind of reward and dividend.
I am ready to be proved wrong again and stunned some more!

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