Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Double Gift Day - 25th & 1st

Last week was a very intense week in the life of The Beacon building - well an ordinary week actually with lots going on. In fact looking back at the week I can see God's hand of blessing everyday, everywhere: a funeral on Tuesday; Surrey Heath church leaders and Camberley Youth for Christ and Smarties and Boys Club on Thursday; Women's World Day of Prayer and Golden Years and Alpha and Youth on Friday; muscians and leaders and Julia's 40th birthday celebration on Saturday; Newcomers lunch on Sunday followed by a prayer meeting...not to mention the staff, small meetings, conuselling and various other activities through out the week. It is true to say the building is being very well used and is a source of great blessing to many.
The challenge is paying for the building. Broadly, we have raised a wonderful £1.3m with £300k to go so this year we are providing a number of opportunities for folk to invest in the msission the building serves. We will have a Double Gift Day - Sun 25th March and Sun 1st April. This means if you are away or forget there is still an opportunity to give. The building serves the mission.

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