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Monday, 28 January 2019

5 days in Beijing.

On our way home from New Zealand visiting Len & Ruth (Bev's father and his Kiwi wife) we stopped in Beijing for 5 days. Beijing is great; the city is great; the people are great; the food is...Chinese; (scorpions, tarantulas and sea horses on a stick is challenging); The Forbidden City is very interesting; the Great Wall is 2 hours away and is steeper than you think to walk along; the air quality is very poor (get masks like the Chinese from Mini-So, £1 for 5); there are lots of interesting places to visit; there are lots of police; beware pretty Chinese girls approaching you to "practise English"!; the Beijing International Christian Fellowship is a great church; Chinese Christians are still being persecuted; fascinating place, well worth the visit.

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