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Saturday, 3 November 2018

National Day of Prayer 1940

As we approach Remembrance Sunday, I have been reflecting on a significant national event of the Second World War. With the allied soldiers stuck at Dunkirk, facing certain annihilation, King George VI announced a National Day of Prayer for Sunday 26th May 1940. Cathedrals and churches up and down the land were full to bursting, many of them having long queues of people waiting to get in to pray. What followed was the incredible mass evacuation of 300,000 allied troops during calm seas, sometimes referred to as The Miracle of Dunkirk.
The Bishop of Chelmsford wrote at the time:
"If ever a nation was at the point of supreme and final disaster it was ours and yet we were saved. It does not require a exceptionally religious mind to detect this was the Hand of God"

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