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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

When a refugee came to stay...

Ali has been living with us for 11 months. He came to the UK, like many others, from a war torn country in an overcrowded boat, across Europe in hazardous fashion and in the back of a vegetable lorry from France. He arrived traumatised and bewildered. He has been to the doctor, the dentist and college to lean English. I have learnt a lot too - about having a refugee to stay; about his homeland; about the complex geo politics of the middle east; about how blessed we are in the UK to have electricity and running water all day long; to have super markets full of produce. I have learnt about Social Services, the Home Office, appearing in court and the good support he has had.
I have learnt how selfish and introspective I am.
He was sent back to his home country last week. It was good to have a refugee come to stay...

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Joanne Zarazel said...

Well done Mark. What a great example you are to us all.