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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Mark's Review of the Hillsongs Conference 2018

Hillsongs is a large church in Sydney Australia (40,000). They also have a growing number of churches across the UK and Europe. The Hillsongs Conference took place at the O2 Arena in London this week. It was big (15,000 delegates), colourful, creative and loud. I enjoyed it. A lot. The preaching, the worship, drama, dance, visuals were all very good. I felt old! Hillsongs attracts young people - lots of young people. The main message: Save the Lost, lovingly and enthusiastically.
Favourite moment: man rising out of the sand and hoisted high as Genesis 1 is read.
Favourite preacher: John Grey.
Favourite worship leader: 19 year old woman (powerful statement).
Favourite lyric: Oh La La !
Not my favourite: chest vibrating with the volume.
Most impacted by: Love Jesus and Lovingly tell others about Him.
Favourite line: Make friends with people not like you.
Fashion statement: get a black T-shirt, torn jeans and a new hair cut!


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Aga Jot said...

I would be weary about promoting HS..
Takes time to get to know them: the message and its Biblical "soundness".
On and off I had a 3 year experience with HS..
Manipulative prosperity gospel with randomly picked Bible references; witnessed Bible contradicting statements as well.
With the loudness and glam sels well in today's narcissistic society.
Worship songs can be good. Those actually worshipping God rather than the. warm fuzzy feelings engineered group therapeutic singing can bring.