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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Highlights of Toronto

I have just returned from visiting my son and his family in Toronto. It was great. Toronto is big, vibrant, new, clean, beautifully positioned on Lake Ontario and very multicultural - 3 times riding on the bus I was the only white face. The city works hard at gathering ethnic groups for community events. Watching the World Cup outside on giant screens with a thousand other fans was fun; watching the Toronto Blue Jays baseball was great - very different from football in England, no shouting, swearing\abuse, lots of couples and families, a well behaved affair. Toronto has lots of churches. Adam and his family attend Lifehouse Church - a terrific multi-ethnic church https://lifehousechurch.ca 
Toronto is great.

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Joanne Zarazel said...

Great to hear. I am going back next month after over 30 years, so should be interesting.