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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Meeting a Remarkable Man.

I met a remarkable man today. His story is sad and uplifting: his first wife of less than a year left him suddenly; he re-married 10 years later and shortly after discovered his wife's infidelity; they divorced; he married again, a lovely lady; they wanted a family but earlier this year his baby girl was still born; his new wife nearly died at childbirth. He has known real sadness and grief in his life yet his faith is deep, inspiring and contagious. He says: "I would rather walk in the dark holding God's hand than walk in the light alone". Remarkable.

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kitesabbeymum said...

Thank you for this post. I am sometimes inclined to think that life is hard work, which of course it isn't, certainly not when compared to others.
Lately I find some words of Iain Brant, preached on Remembrance Sunday, come to mind. "As Christians we are not spared the difficulties which affect others, the difference is that we don't face them alone."