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O2 London
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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Bev's Health Update...4th January

Beverley is in hospital recovering from pneumonia. She has been ill for 23 days and in hospital for 9. I am pleased to say she is making good progress - breathing easier, eating, drinking, sleeping better and more smiles. She has laryngitis and braci-itis too. Hopefully she will come home this weekend. I am grateful for the good care she is receiving under the NHS - what a blessing! I also have a fresh appreciation and wonder surrounding breathing - something we take for granted. Having watched  someone struggle for each breath I am profoundly grateful for each easy breath...breathe and rejoice.

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Anne B said...

Very glad to hear this Mark. You must be so relieved. I pray you and Bev can enjoy your time together now she is recovering.