Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Sunday Morning Meeting

When thinking about the Sunday morning meeting, consider carefully:
1.Who is the meeting for? This will determine the shape of everything else. If you decide the meeting is for unchurched Harry or Emma then how things look and sound will be very different from if you decide the meeting is for God and for the people of God to meet with Him.
I am going for the latter.
2.Meeting lay-out. Don't go formal, especially if you are a new\small church.Try a circle or crescent chair lay out until you get beyond 40. Avoid the theatre lay out. Remember you are building family.
2.Welcome. Studies suggest that the Welcome and Follow-up is the most important church growth driver. People will forgive an off key in the worship or poor AV slides, but they do want to feel welcome. Be warm, friendly, sensitive without being intrusive. Good cake, tea and coffee helps!
3.The anchor role. This is the person who leads the meeting - make sure they are smart, friendly, informed and engaging. This is a strange place to be for some - explain what is going on ;move things along; don't take long on the notices.
4.Worship. Have good musicians (but not 6 at the front when you are 50 people), who have practised a good choice of songs with prompt words appearing on a well lit screen. Help them be aware of what is happening in the room and pause...don't be afraid of silence.
5.Preach. People expect good presentation with good visuals. Use The Bible well; explain the text clearly; have relevant illustrations; what is the one thing you are trying to say? Pack a punch.
6.The Holy Spirit. Give the Holy Spirit space and time; don't fill the meeting; don't hurry; expect gifts of the Holy Spirit - encourage them if necessary. God has business with His people.
7.Follow-up and feedback. Follow-up with visitors and feedback to the Sunday team.
8.Relax; it's not up to you - Jesus is building His church.


mark halling said...

Does this format still resonate in 2017 beyond the loyal following? When does it get shaken up? When is it time to ask what Church gatherings could look like for the future?

mark halling said...

No response, shame.