I met the chaplain...

I met the chaplain...
Do they have God on their side?

Monday, 24 July 2017

Autism and Aspergers - do we need the labels?

Apparently there is a rise in the numbers. Some say it is "the new childhood epidemic"(Kenneth Brook) - Aspergers, ADHD, Dyslexia, ASD and other conditions. Some professionals say we are just better at recognising the signals and symptoms. What I am trying to figure out is - do we need the labels? Is it helpful always to box a child or adult in because their brain might work differently, or should we seek to understand why they might be neurologically Atypical? And support individuals and families with intentional energy and resource?
A positive step is to drop the D from ASD, as if all children (and adults) who think differently have a Disorder. Many are highly intelligent and given patience and opportunity have become scientists, programmers, game designers and more. Gates, Job, Einstein - some say are on the Spectrum. Silicon Valley is called Aspergers Valley by some. Autistic Spectrum is probably better, although some say we are all on the Spectrum somewhere...(Tony Attwood)
Is Neurodiversity a better term and should we "think more intelligently about people who think differently" (Steve Silberman)? Should we celebrate Neurodiversity like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek - multiracial, neurologically diverse, accepting and bringing out the best in each (Carol Greenberg)?
Most importantly, let's love the individuals and the families.

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