The Home Sexretary

The Home Sexretary
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Monday, 29 August 2016

Mark's highlights of Westpoint 2016

"The best Westpoint ever"..."The teaching and the worship made this the best Westpoint" said 2 church members from Newbury. Westpoint is an annual church camp at Westpoint, near Exeter, for those churches in Commission , part of the Newfrontiers family. There are so many highlights - Phil Moore, from Everyday Church Church London, calling us to be "All in"; Mark Jobe, from Chicago, calling us to "Come out of the cave"; Guy Miller, complete with boat on stage, calling "Are you sure?"; a great variety of sessions, sermons, sports activities and evening events. Then of course the amazing offering of £585,000! As I left, someone called to me: "can't wait 'til next year!"... Stunning time. To see the Westpoint main meetings on Youtube:

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