Welford House (GBBO)

Welford House (GBBO)
Snowdrop Walk

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Diary of a Church Planter Week 8 - Grateful and Surprised

I am grateful and surprised. I am grateful that God has gone before us in many ways and has blessed us with a nice new home in the lovely town of Newbury, set in beautiful West Berkshire countryside. I am grateful for the  group of good new friends gathered to plant Bridge Church Newbury with us. I am grateful for my positive, energetic, creative wife. I am grateful for the support of Camberley, Newfrontiers and Commission. I am surprised too - surprised that so many have gathered so quickly, surprised that I have to look for a bigger room to rent, surprised and pleased to meet some key people like Andy the editor of Newbury News, surprised to have the call to appear live on BBC Radio Berkshire on Sunday. Grateful and surprised by many things....

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