Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Monday, 16 April 2012

Breakfast with Guy Miller

On Saturday the elders of The Beacon Church met Guy Miller for breakfast. Guy leads Citygate church Bournemouth - a large and growing church in the city centre embarking on a ambitious building project. Guy is also one of the newly appointed Newfrontiers UK apostles. This means that Guy's apostolic sphere extends beyond Bournemouth across the West Country and even in Spain, Portugal and India. Altogether Guy is responsible for about 70 churches (he has a big team to help him).
Guy has a great wife to assist him - Heather. Heather also has her own ministry - an outreach to prostitutes in Bournemouth.
Linking up with an apostle is healthy for a local church. The apostle can keep a distant apostolic eye of the affairs of the church and occasionally ask good objective questions even though local decisions ultimately rest with local elders.
Guy is also responsible for Westpoint - a Bible week held in August just outside Exeter. This year Bev and I thought we would pay Westpoint a visit to look and learn.
Guy is also smarting a little- he is a Tottenham fan (they lost to Chelsea in the FA Cup Final on Saturday - badly)!

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