Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Why do Child Protection and Safeguarding Training?

On Saturday we had a Child Protection\Safeguarding Training Day at The Beacon. I have done several such days in the past both in the church and as a school governor. I still learnt new things on Saturday. In part that is due to our new Trainer - Denise Freeman. Denise is very experienced, in fact she has trained CPLOs (Child Protection Liaison Officer)in 550 schools in Hampshire. I think she knows what she is doing. The group work was very helpful in considering real scenarios that can happen in the church.
The Beacon CPLO is Peter Wharrad with Sarah Cooper as deputy. Our aim is that every children's worker would be CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) cleared and every worker trained in Safeguarding. This is important not just for the Sunday mornings when a team member is on rota or duty because Safeguarding children and young people is for everyone, every week. Not only that, Safeguarding protects leaders and workers.

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