Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Powerful evening at Les Miserables

I have no excuse for making 14th February special - it is Beverley's birthday. This year I booked tickets for the West End show Les Miserables. Many people had told me how good it is. One friend has been to see it 3 times! Beverley and I had seen the film version 25 years ago so I remembered the Victor Hugo story line.
I have so say it was brilliant. The set, the lighting, the singing, the sound were all first class. What makes this show so compelling however is the story - without giving too much away - a man recently out from prison is shown an outrageous act of grace by a priest that dramatically changes his life. From then on he shows kindness and grace himself to one person after another, including adopting a dying prostitute's daughter.
The show is littered with Christian imagery - a dramatic change of heart, a turning to God, the relentless, hard task master of the law and religion compared to the liberty and joy of grace, unbelievable forgiveness and a wonderful prayer sang as a very moving solo. It is powerful. Les Mis is Les Grace.

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