Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Plans, plans, plans...

Like most people and most pastors at this time of year I am spending a lot of time planning the diary - both personal and church. I am also trying to plan down time through out the year and master my diary rather than it master me. Bev and I are also working hard to sync our plans for the year and to make arrangements for the upcoming family wedding in April.
So I decided to start this week with a prayer day. Rather than rush onto the lap top, into meetings and into the diary I thought I should begin the year before God, seeking Him and praying through some things. I am trying to get the balance right of diligent planing, which is godly, whilst leaving room and expectation for God to do (and interrupt) whatever He wills.
I am reminded of the wag who said: "We plan. God laughs".
By contrast the Book of Proverbs tells us: "Commit your way to the Lord and it will succeed".
So I am left wondering: how much am I planning and how much am I planning with God?

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