Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Friday, 2 December 2011

Getting ready for Christmas.

I watched Martin Lewis on Daybreak this morning. He usually has some helpful money-saving tips and has become wealthy and well-known as a result.
His good-advice today however did fall into having a rant about Christmas, even suggesting a ban on buying Christmas presents. In his defence however, he does get fed up by people over-spending at Christmas, getting into debt, then needing help in January to pay off the credit card bill.
Some of his advice was helpful: don't feel the pressure to buy presents for everyone (even those who give you one). He even suggested a pre-nup (No Unnecessary Presents!). I would suggest, as with most purchases, do a realistic budget - how much can you afford to spend on Christmas? Even break it down to cards, stamps, food, drink, travel, presents (how many, maximum amount...). Beverley's family are particularly good at this - "put your wishlist on Amazon, maximum £10, everyone buys one present" (not everyone buying for everyone).

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