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The Home Sexretary
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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More news of the knee...

I went to the hospital again today - a follow up visit after the knee op. Surprising actually - I was told today that not only did the surgeon cut off and trim the torn cartilage but whilst inside the knee discovered excessive wear on the knee cap. He took the opportunity to operate on the worn knee-cap too. That probably explains the ongoing pain and swelling. So I was told today it would take a further 3 months to recover from the op. So still no sport (apart from front crawl swimming and weight free static bike.) Even physiotherapy would cause it to flare up apparently. I also received a letter from the Chief Exec of Frimley Park Hospital today - I had written to tell him of the excellent care I received and how grateful I am. He seemed pleased.
Learning more patience and marvelling at the intricate design of the knee...

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