Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Gift Day Sunday 20th Oct

This Sunday is The Beacon Church Gift Day. We are raising money for the new building. Actually, we are raising money for more than a building - we are raising money for the mission we are on together. The new Beacon building is part of that mission. The building houses some of the midweek ministries that serve the church and the community. By giving to the building we sew into mission. People's lives are transformed in the building - whether it is a hope-filled conversation with an older person at Golden Years: a single mum encouraged at Smarties: a young person who makes a new friend at Youth, an enquirer discovering Jesus at Alpha or someone who finds help and support from a staff member - all this and more takes place in the Beacon Centre. Be part of it - pray about Sundays Gift Day.
Also on Sunday Steve & Mayan Cadd from Sword Productions (Philippines) will be with us for the day. In the evening, at The Beacon, they will share something of their remarkable life and ministry.
Another exciting Sunday beckons...

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