Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Punk Monk

Now and again it is good to read a spiritual book out of ones' chosen genre. For me, who likes clear biblical reformed theology, church leadership material and Christian autobiography, Punk Monk is an interesting challenge.
Andy Freeman and his co-author Pete Grieg have established Boiler Rooms (houses of prayer in a neo-monastic style)and the 24-7 prayer movement. What is refreshing is Freeman's real commitment to prayer. His search of historic monastic traditions and liturgy left me feeling rather cold whilst his chapter on the ancient art of breathing made me strangely warmed and encouraged.
The book makes much of the Celtic view of "thin places" - special places where there is a thin line between the secular and the sacred. I have to say I found the thinking here woolly, sentimental and unbiblical - if the Holy Spirit dwells within us and Jesus' promise is to be with us always - where is this mysterious divide? I would much rather experience the presence of God wherever I am. I think that is what The Bible says ("abide in me", says Jesus).
Good food for thought though and an encouragement to pray.

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