Newbury clock tower

Newbury clock tower
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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Humbled by golf

It was a beautiful course at the wonderfully named Aspey Guise. A mild 17 degrees, slight wind and good company. Unfortunately for me the good company were also very good golfers.
The occasion was my friend's birthday party golf day. He is good at golf. So are his friends - except one. After a few holes of watching my partner drive, chip and put with laser guided accuracy (He is on the committee at Aspey) whilst I huffed and puffed and meandered along, he turned to me and said:
"So, you don't play golf very often do you?". A verbal thump to the solar plexus and further injury to an already wounded ego.
In truth the casual golfer like me can not compete with the cultured club golfer who plays 3 times a week off a handicap of 9. I could only watch in awe as his ball was drawn to the pin like a magnet, whilst mine preferred the scenic detour of undergrowth, woodland and pond. His ball made noises like "thwack". Mine noises like "plop"! Sigh.
They seemed to find it amusing and somewhat mystifying playing with a pastor though.

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