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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A Christian Response to the Media

A Christian Response to the Media

Did you know that your local newspaper editor or journalist would like to hear from you?

Every week journalists and editors are under enormous pressure to fill newspaper column with local issues and local stories. The local church is full of local stories so bear in your mind your hard-pressed local journalist. The media is not the church’s enemy but a potential friend. Look on the web for your local newspaper and get in touch.

For us in Camberley and Farnborough that is: or 01252 339765.

The same can be said of Regional BBC Radio\TV or commercial radio\TV especially the radio Sunday Morning Breakfast Shows. Each week producers are looking for Christians who can easily and clearly articulate their faith, comment with a Christian view on the week’s news or just say something that is happening at church that week.

The local media is a great free resource of advertising whilst at the same time helping a journalist or producer.

At the national level it is equally important that Christians comment on issues in the papers or on the television. One TV producer told me that one letter is worth 1,000 viewers comments. If something offends you get in touch. If something is really good get in touch with both the programme makers and the TV channel ( Make a difference. Be salt and light. You can get in touch via the web or by telephoning the Duty Officer (for BBC programmes: 08700100222)
If you feel your complaint warrants more support then contact ofcom the independent Office of Communications and media regulator: or on 084545630000

Make a difference – make a call or send an email.

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